Gallery - The compact folding SAS Tactical Survival Bow


The SAS Tactical Survival Bow is a patent pending 60" Modern Longbow with options of 50# and 55# at 28" draw (Plain coloured bag as shown not available).

The bow including string and 3 take-down arrows packages inside a camo carry case that converts into a backpack and a quiver. (Camo availability - check specific product description prior to ordering)

The bow measures under 21" when in storage mode and weighs 1kg.

The arrows and string fit inside the riser which acts as a protective case. 3 Full arrows fit comfortably inside the riser and another option is to fit 5 fletched ends inside the riser with the 5 tip ends in the carry bag next to the bow.

SAS modified Easton Aluminium XX75 Game Getter 400 spine arrows are chosen so as to endure the elements in a long term survival situation.

The straps of the backpack/quiver can be cut to length depending on your stature.

The bow is engineered using the finest US and Aerospace materials.

Changing from storage mode to weapons ready state requires the removal of one bolt and nut which requires no special tools.

The limbs are made from the same high grade US made composite used by nearly all the big names in the archery industry and are precision water-jet cut, machine and painted in the USA.

The bow has a replaceable arrow rest and comes with the option to fit both left and right handed rests at the same time for a quick change of hand if you are in a tight spot and need to shoot from a position that requires it.

The replaceable grip makes hunting in the rain safe and comfortable.

The aerospace grade T6 aluminium receives a special surface treatment and coating to reduce glare.

The special surface treatment also allows for good paint adhesion should you wish to employ a camo paint system to the bow.


All nuts, bolts and washers (except the limb retaining bolt and nut) are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel which will not rust and will allow trouble free operation out in the field. The stainless steel components have also been specially coated using a military grade chemical blackening process that prevents glare.

The limb retaining bolt and nut are made from high strength tensile steel which allows for a high factor of safety out in the field. They only require a light oiling from time to time to keep their surface nice and black.

The aluminium components have been precision machined using a 4-axis CNC machine to ensure conformance to design parameters and tolerances that ultimately create a light, strong and silent bow.

The take down arrows make use of a specially designed marine grade 316 stainless steel insert to allow quick and easy assembly.

Spare arrows are available for sale under the products page.

The bow has been tested with and comes standard with a 16 strand B50 Dacron string chosen for durability.


Designed for survival, engineered to withstand the elements and simple to use and maintain, we recommend this bow for any adventurer, survivalist, hunter, hiker or outdoors person.


The bow fits easily into most backpacks.

Shown here is a 5 day assault pack with a SAS Tactical Survival Bow inside.


The bow carry bag (now in New Woodland Camo) acts as a backpack when moving to your hunting ground. 


The bow is assembled quickly and easily by hand.

The take-down arrows simply screw together to form a 31" arrow.



The backpack then transforms into a quiver which is compatible with both left and right handed archers.

The bow is full sized, yet is the worlds most compact, most powerful tactical folding survival bow.