Needing a silent and compact weapon to hunt with, but something that packs down way smaller than a takedown recurve and is much more durable?

Survival Archery Systems currently offers 5 compact bows in 40-55# options; 4 survival bows and one compact hunting bow, aka “The Atmos”. We even offer super-strong two piece arrows that can store inside 3 of the risers. Compact, light and engineered to last a lifetime.

Which bow is right for you depends on a couple of factors:

  1. The use of the bow.
  2. The size of your pack.
  3. The need for bow mounted accessories or not.

The original time-tested Tactical survival bow was developed to be carried in a one-day pack and is therefore our most compact 60” bow. It stores 3 takedown arrows inside the riser and packs down to just 21”. To get it this short we had to design it in a way that requires you to flip one of the limbs around during setup. It takes about 15sec with no tools required.

The 60” Tactical Folding Survival Bow packs down to 21”.

Some folk don’t mind a slightly longer bow as they use a bigger pack, such as a backpacking pack or ILBE. So we decided to offer the Recon bow which is pretty much the same as the Tactical bow when setup, except it’s 62” when strung, 24.5” when stored and the limbs simply unfold during assembly with no need to flip a limb around. It of course can store 3 takedown arrows like it’s smaller brother the Tactical and is our fastest deploying bow.

Recon folding survival bow

The 62” Recon Folding Survival Bow packs down to 24.5”.

Both the Tactical and Recon bows make use of a stick on arrow rest and neither have the capability to attach sites, quivers or other riser mounted accessories. These bows are great for instinctive shooting.

For those that want to mount accessories, we developed the 60” Ranger and Scout bows that pack down to just 22”. The Ranger is the wider of the two bows and is able to store 3 takedown arrows in its riser cavity.

The 60” Ranger Takedown Survival Bow packs down to 22”.

The Scout has a narrower riser and a more rounded grip, but cannot store takedown arrows inside the riser. The Scout however comes into its own when you are carrying full length arrows or have space to carry takedown arrows elsewhere, especially if you want to carry more than 3 arrows anyways.

The 60” Scout Takedown Survival Bow packs down to 22”.

The 4 bows above are what we call survival bows. Named such as they have been designed for compact carry, are able to withstand the most severe of weather conditions and are engineered to outlast any situation you may find yourself in when needing a bow. They are dependable and a true survival bow when you really need your equipment to be reliable. They are comfortable to shoot using a flat handed style longbow grip and have been used to take deer, bear, elk, wild boar and many other large animals.

Lastly we have our flagship bow, the Atmos compact hunting bow. It’s not a survival bow; rather it was designed as a compact hunting bow that can be easily carried in and out of the field in a small backpack, yet still has the look and feel of a more modern bow. The grip is similar to a compound bows grip and the weight and balance are fine tuned for hunting from a tree-stand or ground blind. The riser is billet machined which means it’s incredibly durable and like all our other bows it’s made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky. Coated with Cerakote and finished off with a G10 grip set it’s loved by most everyone who sees or shoots it.

The 60” Atmos compact hunting bow packs down to 22”.

So rest assured there is a bow for everyone. Just decide which size bag you want to carry your bow in, whether you need internal arrows storage and accessories and whether you need a bow for survival or a more premium hunting bow in terms of the Atmos.

Get your own compact bow here or check out our bundle deals to add some takedown arrows and hunting tips at a great price.