Atmos Compact Modern Longbow (arrows sold separately)

$499.95 $599.95


We are proud to announce the launch of our All New Atmos Compact Modern Longbow - A 60"+ bow that can pack down into a small 22" backpack and takes accessories such as sites, stabilizers, whisker biscuits, stick on arrows rest, bolt on arrow rests, plunger buttons, bow fishing mounts and can be shot off of the shelf with a felt pad to centershot.

A backpackable bow? Aren't there plenty of takedown bows that fit into a backpack?

Well, not quite. In fact when you start looking at which backpacks most people use and how long takedown bows actually are, you realize that the Atmos is a truly unique bow specifically designed to fit INSIDE a backpack.

Check out what David from Ultimate Survival Tips had to say about the Atmos in the video below.

Note: If you are unable to add to cart for the poundage or color thereafter it means we are already sold out of our pre-order stock so please check back at another time or choose another option. Bows are selling fast!!!

Cobalt is the blackish colored bow similar to an Anthracite color.

Note: Grips are the new plain black G-10 composite grips shown in the mailing foam.


Our Lead Engineer, Doug Shadwell explains why he designed the Atmos.

We decided to not only ask survival and hunting experts what they thought, but also experienced archers. Here is what an experienced and well known Olympic style archer and bow reviewer had to say about the Atmos.

Specifications: Below is breakdown of the bow's specifications and package contents can be seen below.

Please note that we do not accept returns for bows that have been strung up. Should you wish to return your bow for whatever reason after receiving it you must not attempt to string the bow. The bow has special indicator marks which tell us if the bow has been strung and could pose a potential risk to another customer. This is how we ensure that our customers remain safe should a returned bow have been dry-fired without our knowledge. Therefore please ensure you intend to keep the bow once you string it for the first time.

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