Bundle Deal Accessories Starter Pack

$109.95 $149.80

Get an accessories bundle at a great price of just $109.95 that includes everything you need to get started that’s valued at $149.80:

  • 1x Armguard (protects vein and tissue damage from string slap) valued at $14.95
  • 1x Finger tab (protects nerve and tissue damage on fingers) valued at $16.95.
  • 1x SAS Takedown Arrow Set (3 arrows) valued at $60
  • 1x Montec G5 Broadheads (set of 3) valued at $42.95
  • 1x Spare String (62” for Recon bow and 60” for Atmos, Ranger, Scout and Tactical bows) valued at $14.95.

Choose your hand you pull the string with and the string length according to the bow length needed. All bows have a 60” string, except for the Recon which is 62”.

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